Our purpose

In a world where public tragedies become more frequent, we must all accept an uncomfortable reality: The next mass shooting,  terrorist attack or severe weather event can strike when we least expect it.

Safer Central is a website highlighting emergency procedures at the University of Central Oklahoma and beyond. Here, you'll discover content focused on public safety, including articles, survey findings, informational videos and more.

The project is a collaborative effort by the 2017 Professional Media Capstone class, part of the UCO Mass Communcation program.

We conducted a survey to discover what UCO students know about emergency campus procedures and discern their overall mood surrounding public safety. See our findings here.


The Safer Central team interviews UCO's Director of Emergency Management, Norman D. Nieves, about what students and the public need to know about staying safe on campus and elsewhere.

Video: UCO students have safety on the brain amid 2017 tragedies

Safer Central's Sam Huffman presents our survey findings in a video package.

The Safer Central team takes a look at ways students at UCO can stay safe during emergency situations, including a look at the college's alert system and designated severe weather areas.